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Social positions of Mr. Lin Jun:


  • Honorary Chairman, China Leather Industry Association Market Circulation Committee

  • Director, China National Light Industry Council

  • Vice Chairman, China Leather Industry Association

  • Vice President, Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce

  • President, Poland-Guangdong China General Chamber of Commerce

  • Executive Vice President, Guangdong Commodity Trading Market Association

  • Executive Vice President, Guangzhou Professional Wholesale Market Chamber of Commerce

  • Chairman, Guangzhou Young Star Federation

  • Director, Hong Kong Baiyun Association

Lam Chun , the Chairman and CEO of Shengdy Group. Adhere to their own ideas, with rigorous and innovative thinking operates one of the three bases Chinese leather leather industry, leather industry called him “ marshal ”.
Graduated from the Macquarie University in Australia, 2012 year Guangdong Province ten advanced enterprise culture characters, the year 2012 in Guangdong province are the cultural construction of the ten outstanding contribution figures, Asia &ldquo of small and medium-sized enterprises; Boao award — — 2012 annual economic figures &rdquo, 2012; “ Guangdong ten economic influential man ” — industrial upgrading, contribution award China leather industry “ ten &rdquo, China market influential man.


  • 2016
    In October 2016, vice governor He Zhongyou of Guangdong Province led a delegation to go to Shengdy Global Trade Center to investigate the Market Procurement Trade Pilot with Mr. Lam Chun's company.
  • 2015
    In October 2015, he established the strategic partnership with Italy LineaPelle Group to host the Asian Leather Fair.
  • 2014
    In December 2014, he followed Vice Premier Wang Yang of the People’s Republic of China to travel two countries in Europe. In July 2014, he followed President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China to travel Latin America and attend the BRICS industry and commerce forum. In June 2014, he followed Vice Governor Zhao Yufang of Guangdong Province visited Poland PTAK S.A.. In May 2014, he was invited to bring a team to visit Poland for business purpose.
  • 2013
    He participated "Hainan Boao Asia Forum--2013 small and medium-sized enterprise development, and won the "Asian small and medium-sized enterprises award (Boao prize) - 2012 annual economic figure. In March, He fully supported the "2013 table tennis Team World Cup" and was invited to give award to winning team. In May, he was elected as standing vice President of the third session council commerce chamber of Guangzhou professional market. In “the Guangdong province enterprise culture construction forum” as well as "Commending Conference for China enterprise culture construction” he won honorary title as the "2012 annual Guangdong province ten outstanding fashion culture construction figure ", "2012 Guangdong province top ten enterprise culture advanced individual".
  • 2012
    He signed the project contract on Guangzhou Baiyun international automobile culture industrial park. The Sheng Di automobile theme park was born powerfully, building the worldwide unique cultural automobile theme park and creating fashion show platform for the motor trend. It indicates the direction of the world's automobile mainstream standard.
  • 2012
    He cooperated with French fashion TV on multiple projects, including the F - Secrets (fashion leather), F - Hotel ( fashion Hotel), F - Club (fashion Club), F - Shopping Mall (fashion shopping Mall), F - Residents property (fashion property), F - Resorts (fashion-Resorts), etc.
  • 2012
    He successfully held the "2012 China Leather Fashion Festival" (, and held a press conference in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, presenting a fashion event in Guangzhou sea heart sand island together with many pop stars. His bold innovation to add international fashion elements into the leather industry helps the China leather industry to build their own voice power and influences the whole industry. In the same year, for a significant contribution he was making in pushing industrial upgrading, He won the 2012 "Guangdong top ten economic man"----industrial upgrading contribution award.
  • 2012
    He was committed to improve ShengDi business circle located at the Guangzhou avenue north, Baiyun district. And he processed local business planning and upgrading to form the consumption hot-spot business circle at Guangzhou avenue north, launched commercial projects " ShengDi joy city" in the area, and advocated the fashion consumption.
  • 2011
    He was committed to build a large-scale city complex in Shiling town, huadu, with of 685,000 square meters building area --- sea cloth holy city, integrating the international trade, international five-king hotel, international fashion publishing platform, the high-end commercial housing, leisure, shopping, and business office. It will make even a world-class famous leather headquarters in China, a 365 - day never ending leather "world expo".
  • 2010
    as vice chairman and President of ShengDi group construction group co., LTD., and as general manager of Guangzhou GuiLi industrial development co., LTD., he created the world's first electronic trading services platform –shiling international leather e-trade center, at the same time, cooperated with the Guo Ye group to create the shiling international accounting center; In the same year purchased Huadou king hotel.
  • 2010
    for his sound public welfare undertakings and for the outstanding performance of the real estate industry, He was elected as the 16th Guangzhou Asian games torch bearers. That year, Jun Lin was elected as vice chairman of Guangdong province wholesale market industry association, and as Guangzhou Huadu district people's political consultative conference committee.
  • 2009
    as President of Sheng Di group construction group co., LTD., and as Huadu area Chairman, he successfully acquired several core commercial real estate projects,, such as Huadu shiling (international) leather center, the new century hotel, Huadu cyberport, Wu Hua commercial square. He accomplished integration upgrading work for the Shiling (international) leather city successfully. At the same year, he was elected as vice President of Guangzhou professional market commerce chamber.
  • 2007
    he held the position as general manager of Guangzhou real estate development co., LTD., and successively upgraded and transformed the heavyweight projects such as Sheng Di mofang, Sheng Di square,Chao Sheng Di commercial street, Sheng Di Ginza and Mai Di Xi pedestrian mall.
  • 2006
    He participated in development of QingShan Garden residential projects. He repurchased the Runxiang building shopping malls, which is a subway covered property, upgraded and repackaged the image of the building. At the same time, he rebuilt the fashion-leading golden lake garment city.
  • 2005
    He planned development of the largest business platform within Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centers – Sheng Di commercial center of Guangzhou colleges and universities.
  • 2004
    He officially entered the ShengDi group after returning from the overseas, and served as chairman assistant of Guangzhou ShengDi real estate development co., LTD. He planned development on a senior residential project----Baiyun mountain garden on the first phase; He led the bidding to invite merchants’ investments for the Sheng Di hotel, and participated in management of Tianzhou decoration materials city.
  • 1999
    He went to in Sydney, Australia for further study in 1999, and graduated from Macquarie university in 2004, where he received a bachelor’s degree in "information and communication science" and successfully passed Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer(MCSE).
Under the leadership of Lin Jun, the second generation of leaders, the holy land continues to grow and expand. Now it has become a diversified real estate development and industrial real estate operation group company. Business scope covers real estate development and operation, professional market management and operation, financial business, e-commerce, property management, project investment, hotels, banks, water works, entertainment and many other areas, and become a large enterprise with social influence.
  • The top ten advanced individuals in Guangdong's enterprise culture construction in 2013
  • The ten outstanding contributor of fashion culture construction in Guangdong Province in 2013
  • Committee member of the twelfth Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference
  • Vice president of the Council of the China market society for the development of the commodity wholesale market
  • Chamber of Commerce of Guangzhou professional market
    third executive vice president
  • 2012 advance the outstanding entrepreneurs of circulation modernization
  • Asian small and medium enterprise "Boao award
    2012 economic figure"
  • 2012
    "The ten big economic figures in Guangdong"
    Industrial upgrading Contribution Award
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