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2015 LINEAPELLE Asia has come to an end
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All the LINEAPELLE Asia 2015 exhibitors were topinternational tanners and manufacturers

Fashion is supposed to be fun– fashion trends forecast for autumn-winter 2016-2017

“I didn’t expect to have a full audience during all four trend settingseminars held during those two days. It was a very pleasant surprise”, saidLINEAPELLE specialist after giving her presentation on trends in leather fashionfor autumn-winter 2016-2017.

This year’s edition of LINEAPELLE Asia attracted many leather goods andshoe brands designers as well as professional buyers, who decided to come andpersonally learn about the coming trends in leather fashion as predicted by LINEAPELLEspecialists.

“I was surprised that during this unfavorable moment in the economy and inthe middle of the busy period in exhibition industry so many professionalvisitors from all over China would still have come and visit LINEAPELLE Asia”,said the organizers.

On October 22nd, LINEAPELLE Asia 2015 - a specializedinternational leather industry show supported by Guangzhou Municipal Commissionof Commerce was concluded, leaving both the organizers and co-organizerspleasantly surprised at the popularity of the event. This year LINEAPELLE Asiacame to Guangzhou for the 13th time. However, it was the first time it was arranged in cooperation withShengdi Group – LINEAPELLE’s strategic partner for Asia since June 2015.


 2016-2017 Autumn-Winter LINEAPELLE Trend SettingSeminar

“What makes this year’s edition so special is the emphasis on trends andfashion. Trends, which have started to show more and more consideration for qualityand innovation” – explained the Italian trend –setter during the seminars.

The industry upgrading has become a powerful driving force of economicdevelopment. The core of the industrial upgrading is the innovation of design originatingfrom human lifestyles. Every small social and life change can be a newinspiration and reflected in fashion. During LINEAPELLE Asia 2015 the trendforecast for 2016-2017 autumn-winter season was presented and explained.According to LINEAPELLE, there will be four major “moods” influencing stylesand materials during that season: Abstract, Digital-pop, Fashion Drones andExperience. The major inspirations for those four moods are: electriccigarettes, bit coin, drones and gender.



2016-2017 Autumn-Winter colors display


This is how these four factors will influence fashion world in thefuture:

1.      Electric cigarettes: visualization and materializationof virtual smoky “Vapor” effect.

2.      Bit coin – as the important factor in the world’sshift towards digitalization and virtualization, phenomena like bit coin havealready had a great impact on the choice of colors and materials in fashion.

3.      Drones – they are no longer just military tools, buthave started to penetrate other areas of our lives as well. Current fashionlikes to choose colors as seen from above, using the “seen from the drone” perspective.

4.      Gender – there is a social trend now to neutralizethe gender of fashion by mixing male and female styles, creating funny, simpleand casual style of clothing.



Meeting with the customers at LINEAPELLE Asia 2015.

“Weare very glad to have come to LINEAPELLE Asia this year “– LINEAPELLE Asia 2015as seen by its exhibitors


“At first we were hesitating whether or not to attend this exhibition”,said Ms. Li of AUSONIA tannery. “We have been very busy since the beginning ofSeptember as there are so many industry exhibitions held at that period: Shanghai,Lineapelle Milan, Paris…We wanted to take a short break in October, but when wefound out that this year LINEAPELLE Asia had upgraded its format, includingmoving to a new location – a fashion spotlight of Guangzhou CBD, we decided totake part in it and bring our newest innovative materials for display”.

All the exhibitors coming to LINEAPELLE Asia 2015 were top internationaltanners, most of them coming from Italy. They came to Guangzhou to displaytheir newest, high quality innovative materials: leather, accessories& components, textiles and synthetics for making footwear, bags & smallleather goods, leatherwear, upholstered furniture and car interiors.


Brown will be the new neutral of 2016-2017autumn-winter season.

“We brought all the special products we show at LINEAPELLE Milan. Themajority of our materials is made in accordance with the trends announced byLINEAPELLE”, said one of the exhibitors. Brown color, announced by LINEAPELLEas the new neutral for 2016-2017 autumn-winter season , was in fact a dominant colorof the show.

“I am very surprised”, was the most common reaction of the exhibitors tothis year’s exhibition. “We didn’t expect that during this slight recession inthe industry there would be more visitors coming for the show than in theprevious years. Among our today’s customers there were a lot of buyers anddesigners coming from Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, even Thailand and Korea. Weare very happy to have decided to exhibit at LINEAPELLE Asia 2015 and we willcertainly come again next year”.

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